So many things….!

This new life is full of discoveries!!!! Everybody wants to give advice to the parents to be… lots of appointments to go… and both mummy and daddysaurus are chill out creatures but sometimes may feel a bit lost. Let’s not forget this is the first babysaurus of their lives!

So things like “Don’t do that!!!… Are you crazy? You can’t exercise like that!” or “Are you sure you want to eat that????” may get on your nerves but…. don’t forget this is just how people find a way of showing how much they love (?) you. So chill out and listen and ignore also a few things ahahahah.


However, it is very important to start as soon as possible to visit your GP for the referral for the midwife. Better than anyone she will be your best friend during this crazy journey and she will be the best person to advise you and answer your endless questions. Also, she will be able to help you to plan and prepare the birth. I am sure nothing will happen as I imagine but, at least I feel some comfort on having everything organised. ahahahahah

There are so many things that we need to pay attention during and after pregnancy….! Food, skin, lists of what to buy, baby shower, baby clothes, your own clothes, the baby nursery, reading books about pregnancy… keeping our pregnancy journal updated…. I am just starting to think… OH MY GOD HOW AM I GOING TO BE ABLE TO DO EVERYTHING ON TIME???????


Well… breath in… breath out!!!! chill out… and let’s start the journey!!!

With you we are going to share everything in a light way, hoping that we will be able to give you a good reading time. Also, I’ll give some opinions in products for pregnancy and after, exercises and so on and so on (without any contract with the brands, trust me ahahahah). And if you feel inspired to share any information… feel free!

With a bit (hopefully more than just a bit) help of daddysaurus…. this will be a lovely journey and this is just the beginning of a fabulous life!


Have a lovely Sunday!

Mummysaurus aka Pregosaurus





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